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        Chengdu Ed engineering co., LTD., industrial and civil building heating and ventilation and air conditioning design personnel(3people)

        • Majo: Industrial and civil building air conditioning heating and ventilation (including gas dynamics and engine)
        • Education: Bachelor degree or above
        • Experience: Engaged in building heating and ventilation and air conditioning design and relevant work for 3 to 5 years

        • Requirements:

          1, bachelor degree or above graduate, 3-5 years experience in professional design, site design and large and medium-sized design experience is a plus;

          2, has the dedication to work and the sense of responsibility, bears hardships and stands hard work, and team cooperation spirit;

          3, please send your full resume including table (1 inch color photo attached) grade card, graduation certificate, academic degree certificate, foreign language, all kinds of qualification certificate to or sent to a mailbox.






        • Jobsite: chengdu Employment way: full-time
        • Salary: negotiable Contacts: Mr. Lo
        • Tel: (028)84388737